Hardwood Floor Refinishing Beachwood, OH

Professional Hardwood Floor Refinishing in Beachwood OH

hardwood floor refinishing beachwood oh

The days of having to live with scratched or dull hardwood floors are finally over! Instead of investing in extra furniture and area rugs to cover damaged or worn hardwood floors, call over Fabulous Floors Cleveland. Our hardwood floor refinishing services in Beachwood, OH is here to revamp the entire look of your flooring. It’s normal for your hardwood floors to wear out over time. Scratches, chips, dents, and wood floor stains can be fixed easier than you may think! Our trained technicians are capable of transforming your floors and making them look new again. Maintain the beauty of your home with hardwood floor refinishing services in Beachwood, OH from Fabulous Floors Cleveland!

Greenguard Certified Floor Renewal Services

Our goal is to offer premier hardwood floor refinishing in Beachwood, OH,  while keeping the environment safe. Fabulous Floors Cleveland is GREENGUARD certified. This means we follow environmentally friendly guidelines when it comes to our products and equipment. Our technicians take responsibility for the precautionary measures that are included in our system to help minimize the dust created by our services in Beachwood, OH.

Our Hardwood Floor Process

Here is how it works when we perform our wood floor refinishing process in Beachwood, OH:

1. The first step is to deep sand your hardwood floors. After this process, we remove any existing stains, dents, and deep scratches. We will even sand by hand any problem areas if needed.

2. Next, our technicians will apply the stain color you chose on your hardwood floors. Take a look at our list of stain colors to see what options we have that can match your current decor style.

3. The last step is to apply a thin coat of polyurethane to your floors. Polyurethane has several benefits, including providing a shiny, crisp look to your floors and also protecting them against future scratches, wear, and other damage.

hardwood floor refinishing beachwood oh


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